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Welcome![edit source]

Wataweih! Welcome to the Norfuk/Pitkern Wikipedia. The edits you made at Julius Caesar were reverted by me. That means that I deleted/undo it. Such edits are known as vandalism. It is against the rules of the Wikimedia Foundation ("the mother of the wikis"). If you're able to speak Norfuk, please don't hesitate to refrain from doing vandalism, and just help to grow the wiki! Good Luck in future endavours! ✨Jay Jay Marcus Keize13✨ (talk) 21:14, 25 Mieh 2018 (UTC)[reply]

Last Warning[edit source]

Hello X.167. As stated earlier, your edits are considered as vandalism. They are disruptive to the project. Please stop making such edits. They create work for users, who will have to clean up right after you. Time's not too late to refrain. If you have any questions to ask, hit me up at my talk page. ✨Jay Jay Marcus Keize13✨ (talk)

Username[edit source]

Hay, thanks!! u nick is superfantastic!! --SurdusVII 09:27, 29 Mieh 2018 (UTC)[reply]

❤Aww❤ I'm fantastic?! 👍😃😆😇😉 ^X.167 (talk)^