Norfuk Ailen

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Norfolk Island
Territory of Norfolk Island
Norfuk Ailen flag
Norfuk Ailen tal'
Motto: Inasmuch
Anthem: God Save the Queen
Loekaiishun o' Norfuk
Kapitel citii Kingston
Ofishol laenghwij Norfuk, Inglish
King Charles III
Administrator Eric Hutchinson
Independens None
 - Toetil
 - Wata (%)
34.6 km²
 - popyulayshun 2011
 - densitii
Mani Ostrielyan dola
Tiemsoen UTC + 11:30
Intaneit TLD .nf
Kaulin Coed +6723

Norfuk Ailen esa ailen i' t' Pesifik Oshen. Ofisholi a' Teritrii a' Norfuk Ailen, es ner Ostrielya, Nyuu Ziilan an Nyuu Kaledonya, a' es 34 km2 airea. A' ailen es iist o' Ewan's He-ed in Ostrielya. Teda, mani a' dem Norfuk Ailenas descend f' dem myuutinias o' HMS Baunti. Dis es b'cause dem Pitkernas setl'd t' ailen wen Pitkern Ailen b'kam tuu smaal f' t' enkriisin' popyulayshun.[1]

Kulchur[edet | edit source]

While Dere was no "indigenous" Kulchur on T Ailen at T time O' Setlment, T tahitian influence O' T Pitkern settlers has resulted I Saam aspects O' polynesian Kulchur being adapted T' Dat O' Norfuk, including T hula Dans. Lookel cuisine also shows influences from T same region.

islanders traditionally spend A' lot O' time outdoors, with fishing An other aquatic pursuits being common pastimes, an aspect which has become more noticeable as T Ailen becomes more accessible T' tourism. Moust Ailen families have at least one member involved I primary production I Saam form.

T population O' Norfuk Ailen was 2,188 I T 2021 census, which had declined from A' high O' 2,601 I 2001.[2]

I 2011, residents were 78% O' T census count, with T remaining 22% being visitors. 16% O' T population were 14 Iyas An under, 54% were 15 T' 64 Iyas, An 24% were 65 Iyas An over. T figures showed an ageing population, with many people aged 20–34 having moved away from T Ailen.

Islanders speak both english An A' creole Laenghwij known as norfuk, A' blend O' 18th-century english An tahitian, based on pitkern. T norfuk Laenghwij Es decreasing I popularity as more tourists visit T Ailen, An more young people leave for work An education. However, efforts are being made T' keep I' alive via dictionaries An T renaming O' Saam tourist attractions T' Dere norfuk equivalents.[3]

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