Norfuk Ailen

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Norfolk Island
Territory of Norfolk Island
Norfuk Ailen flag
Norfuk Ailen tal'
Motto: Inasmuch
Anthem: God Save the Queen
Loekaiishun o' Norfuk
Kapitel citii Kingston
Ofishol laenghwij Norfuk, Inglish
King Charles III
Administrator Eric Hutchinson
Independens None
 - Toetil
 - Wata (%)
34.6 km²
 - popyulayshun 2011
 - densitii
Mani Ostrielyan dola
Tiemsoen UTC + 11:30
Intaneit TLD .nf
Kaulin Coed +6723

Norfuk Ailen esa ailen i' t' Pesifik Oshen. Ofisholi a' Teritrii a' Norfuk Ailen, es ner Ostrielya, Nyuu Ziilan an Nyuu Kaledonya, a' es 34 km2 airea. A' ailen es iist o' Ewan's He-ed in Ostrielya. Teda, mani a' dem Norfuk Ailenas descend f' dem myuutinias o' HMS Baunti. Dis es b'cause dem Pitkernas setl'd t' ailen wen Pitkern Ailen b'kam tuu smaal f' t' enkriisin' popyulayshun.[1]

Jiiografii[edet | edit source]

Norfuk Ailen es i' t' Tasman Sii, paat a' sowth Pesifik Oshen. A' ailen es iist o' Ostrielya en north o' Nyuu Ziilan.

Dems n' laik a' riveh o' Norfuk, a' 32 km o' koestliin. A' koestliin es mainlii em klif a' presipis. Maun Biets (319m) es t' haies point a' t' ailen, an es neya Maun Pitt (318m). Norfuk Ailen teritrii enkluud tu letl ailens; Felep ailen en Nepeyan ailen.

Kingston es t' ofishol kapitel, but Ban Pain es t' mien toen an de facto kapitel a' t' Ailen.[2]

Histrei[edet | edit source]

Norfuk Ailen setl'd iyas en iyas agoe b' dem salan from Nyuu Ziilan abaut 1300–1400 CE. Dem salan laas sam jenereshien on a' ailen.

T' fas Urupean to lan orn a' ailen was Kaptaan James Cook in 1774. Hii giiw a' niem Norf'k Ailen, afta a Dachess a' Norf'k.[3]

Afta a' Fas Fliit setl'd a' Port Jakson, Lieutenant Philip Gidley King got to Norfuk on t' 6th o' Maach, 1788. Dis konwikt setlment laas entil 1814. A' fas setlment s' cos a' Royal Naewi want a' moo-oo from t' ailen. A setlment duu laas lorng, cos a' moo-oo no gude f' shep.

T first known settlers I Norfuk Ailen were eist polynesians but Dem had already departed when Yunitid Kingdum settled I' as Part O' its 1788 colonisation O' Ostrielya. T Ailen served as A' convict penal Setlment from 6 march 1788 until 5 may 1855, except for an 11-year hiatus bitwiin 15 february 1814 An 6 Juun 1825, when I' lay abandoned. On 8 Juun 1856, permanent civilian residence on T Ailen began when descendants O' T Baunti Myuutenias were relocated from Pitkern Ailen. I 1914, T uk handed Norfuk Ailen over T' Ostrielya T' administer as an Ekstirnal teritrii.[4]

A' sekan konwikt setlment laas from 1825 t' 1855 iyas. Dieh setlment s' piinl setlment en em kondishans orn a ailen kaaduu. Em komandant s' behd. A' sekan setlment s' end en 1855 cos a' Yuunaited Kingd'm s' end transportieshan.

Norfuk Ailen s' setld bai em Pitkernas o' Juun 6, 1856. Dem Pitkernas s' desend from a' myuutenias o' HMS Baunti. I' 1914 iya, a' ailen se enkluud i' Ostrielya esa ekstirnal teritrii.[5]

During Werl War II, T Ailen became A' key airbase An refuelling depot bitwiin Ostrielya An Nyuu Ziilan An bitwiin Nyuu Ziilan An T solomon Ailens. T airstrip was constructed B' Ostrielyan, Nyuu Ziilan An Yunitid Stiets servicemen during 1942. Since Norfuk Ailen fell within Nyuu Ziilan's Airea O' responsibility, I' was garrisoned B' A' Nyuu Ziilan army unit known as n force at A' large army camp Dat had T capacity T' Haus A' 1,500-strong force. N force relieved A' company O' T Sekan Ostrielyan imperial force. T Ailen proved Tuu remote T' come under attack during T war, An n force left T Ailen I february 1944.[6]

I 1979, Norfuk Ailen was granted limited self-government B' Ostrielya, under which T Ailen elected A' Guvverment Dat ran Moust O' T Ailen's affairs.[7]

I 2006, A' formal review process took place I which T Ostrielyan Guvverment considered revising T Ailen's model O' Guvverment. T review was completed on 20 december 2006, when I' was decided Dat Dere would be no changes I T governance O' Norfuk Ailen.[8]

I march 2015, T Ostrielyan Guvverment announced comprehensive reforms for Norfuk Ailen.[9]

On 17 Juun 2015, T Norfuk Ailen legislative assembly was abolished, with T teritrii becoming run B' an Adminnistrayta An An advisory council. Elections for A' Nyuu regional council were held on 28 may 2016, with T Nyuu council taking office on 1 july 2016.[9]

I october 2019, T Norfuk Ailen people for demokrasii advocacy group conducted A' survey O' 457 Ailen residents (about one quarter O' T entire population) An found Dat 37% preferred Frii association with Nyuu Ziilan, 35% preferred Frii association with Ostrielya, 25% preferred full Independens, An 3% preferred full integration with Ostrielya.[10]

Kulchur[edet | edit source]

While Dere was no "indigenous" Kulchur on T Ailen at T time O' Setlment, T tahitian influence O' T Pitkern settlers has resulted I Saam aspects O' polynesian Kulchur being adapted T' Dat O' Norfuk, including T hula Dans. Lookel cuisine also shows influences from T same region.

islanders traditionally spend A' lot O' time outdoors, with fishing An other aquatic pursuits being common pastimes, an aspect which has become more noticeable as T Ailen becomes more accessible T' tourism. Moust Ailen families have at least one member involved I primary production I Saam form.

T population O' Norfuk Ailen was 2,188 I T 2021 census, which had declined from A' high O' 2,601 I 2001.[11]

I 2011, residents were 78% O' T census count, with T remaining 22% being visitors. 16% O' T population were 14 Iyas An under, 54% were 15 T' 64 Iyas, An 24% were 65 Iyas An over. T figures showed an ageing population, with many people aged 20–34 having moved away from T Ailen.

Islanders speak both english An A' creole Laenghwij known as norfuk, A' blend O' 18th-century english An tahitian, based on pitkern. T norfuk Laenghwij Es decreasing I popularity as more tourists visit T Ailen, An more young people leave for work An education. However, efforts are being made T' keep I' alive via dictionaries An T renaming O' Saam tourist attractions T' Dere norfuk equivalents.

I 2004, an act O' T Norfuk Ailen assembly made norfuk A' co-official Laenghwij O' T Ailen.[12]

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