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Mamarii interkors

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Mamarii interkors an' ejakyuulayshun

Mamarii interkors esa sekshul praktis i' daa a' male puts his erekt piinus i' bitwiin dem briists o' a' fiimale. Dis akt causes stimyuulayshun o' both t' piinus an' briists. Durin dis akshun, dem briists o' t' fiimale simyuulate dem muuwments o' penetrayshun, an dis causes ejakyuulayshun a' t' result. Et mieh bii yused esa alternative t' a' handjob.

Praktis[edet | edit source]

T' suksesfuli do dis sekshul akt usually requires daa t' woman's briists ar larj. Dis es biikaus dem ken receive t' piinus i' a' better way daa small briists. Ets rekommendet daa women wi' smaller briists bii on top. Gels or cremes lokayted on t' briists o' t' piinus maa bii yusful. Dem ken serf a' lubricants t' help perform t' akt. Elsa, saliva mieh bii a' lubricant.

Woman receiving mamarii interkors while lain down

I' sum cases t' woman mieh bii layin horizontalii an' t' male will intrdouuse his piinus b' kneeling down above t' woman's chest. I' otha cases t' man mieh bii standing, an t' woman sitting.

Biikaus t' akt o' mamarii interkors i' non-penetrative, t' risk o' seksyuulii transmited disiis an' HIV ar greatly reduused. Howeveva, t' akt a' tiems esn't non-penetrative; et can be performed akompanyed b' oral seks i' addishun.[1]

Ets said daa t' woman does not feel seksyuul stimyuulayshun durin mamarii interkors otha daa t' bring her partner t' orgasm. Howeva, studiehs show daa sum women mieh bii seksyuulii stimyuulated, if dem hauf sensitive briists.[2][3]

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