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Kurencii KURENCII is a music group consisting of two individual artistes; STERLIN & EURO. Both from Montego Bay St.James Jamaica. They are known for releasing a number of good tracks throughout the year 2018, songs such as Vybz Great,Young G and At Dem. KURENCII is still in search of the “big break” they need to take their career to the next level .In late 2018 Euro of KURENCII group was ambushed in their home community of Lilliput,he reportedly was stabbed (3) three times which led to him suffering from a punctured lung. No official statement was taken from the group but, it was said that Failed Attempt,also another “good” song from the group was intended to burst the bubbles of the Individuals who tried to put a stop to the life of Euro. The song was created and released within 48 hours after the incident by STERLIN. 2019 The KURENCII music group is still independent and has not yet signed a record deal,but has plans to work with various producers to release many more music. Euro made a full recovery and group went on to create the project EnTRAPenuer the mixtape which has not yet been released.