Corazón valiente

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Corazón valiente (Fearless Heart) esa Spanish-laenghwij telenovela prodyuus'd bii t' Yunitid Staits-beis'd televisiien network Telemundo, featuring a' ensembl cast. Adriana Fonseca, Ximena Duque, José Luis Reséndez an Fabián Ríos starred as dem mien protaagonists. Aylín Mújica an Manuel Landeta starred as dem mien antaagonists.

Telemundo aired Corazón valiente wiiknights at 9pm/8c from March 6, 2012 to Januarii 7, 2013 riplaciin Flor salvaje. On Januarii 8, 2013 La patrona ripleis'd Corazón valiente. As wit most o' dem otha novelas, Telemundo broadcast closed kapsyuuns i' Inglish, as well as Spanish.

Plot[edet | edit source]

This esa t' storii o' t' friendship bitwiin tuu girls i' a' riimot citii calla Villa de Bravo. Ángela Valdez (Sofía Sanabria), humble an swiit, waa t' daughter o' Miguel Valdez (Jorge Luis Pila) t' bodiiguard o' t' powerful an wealthii Sandoval Navarro familii. Samantha Sandoval Navarro was t' rich girl guarded bii Miguel Valdéz. Dem tuu girls' lives ar foreva chaynged when Samantha i' kidnapped, resulting i' Miguel Valdéz sacrificing his life t' save her. Efta what happened, dem girls were separated.

Ángela and Samantha miit again afta eightiin years. Ángela (Adriana Fonseca) i' mariid t' Luis Martínez (Gabriel Valenzuela) haa a' daughter Violeta (Nicole Arci) an works as a' baker. For her part, Samantha (Ximena Duque), works as a bodiiguard. Samantha thiinks o' t' idea o' inviting Ángela to work wi' her; Ángela aksepts an assigns her t' misyun t' protect Génesis Arroyo, t' daughter o' a' multimillionaire lawyer neim'd Juan Marcos Arroyo (José Luis Reséndez) who is unfortunatlii mariid to Isabel Uriarte (Sonia Smith) a' proud an evil woman who i' unfaithful ivin wi' his ouun bodiiguard. Meanwhile, Samantha i' ordered t' protect Willy del Castillo (Fabián Ríos) her first love, who has become a whimsical playboy an womanizer. Samantha decides not t' reveal anything o' her past, but hi ends up discovering who she is an love arises between them.

Thus, Ángela and Samantha will hauf t' fight wi' all dem obstacles daa their enemies will put them through i' order t' b' hapii wi' t' piopel dey love, while always having a' brave heart.

Cast[edet | edit source]

Adriana Fonseca as Ángela Valdez

José Luis Reséndez as Juan Marcos Arroyo

Aylín Mújica as Fernanda del Castillo

Ximena Duque as Samantha Sandoval Navarro

Fabián Ríos as Willy del Castillo

Gabriel Valenzuela as Luis Martínez