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Who I am[edit | edit source]

Hello! I am the current Community Liaison for the Wikimedia Foundation.

My work under this username is in my capacity as an employee, but that rarely means that it's not reversible. If it's an official action it will be clearly labeled (and please do not revert without discussing it with me in that case). My work with the Foundation began in May 2011. Unless otherwise stated, any edit to this wiki by me is an act of a regular member of the community, not a legal or official action of the Wikimedia Foundation.

What I do[edit | edit source]

My role is to facilitate communication between staff and all the communuties in every project under the umbrella of the Wikimedia Foundation, to help ensure that both sides of this important equation are pulling together towards our common goal. In addition to setting up a system of communication whereby communities may find and reach out to staff, I am already at work on several projects intended to help improve understanding of the communities among staff and of staff among communities. I am also currently exploring with staff issues related to improving the experience of a community shared by every project: new users.

I welcome feedback and input.

How to find me[edit | edit source]

You can find me on en:Wikipedia as Moonriddengirl as a volunteer or on my meta talk page in my staff role. On IRC, my username is Moonriddengirl. You can contact me by e-mail in my staff role at, or by leaving a message on my meta talk page.

Translation[edit | edit source]

If you've found this on a Wikimedia project where English is not the dominant language, please help by adding a translation of this information in the language used. Thank you!