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Mai mien iem hiya es fiksin t' spaelen a' artikals an t' taitls f' baeta Norfuk spaelen. T' refrens ai ha' siin f' dis es Speak Norfuk Today (spiik Norfuk tadae) biy Aelis Buffet, as et siims t' bi a' spaelen sistem most komanli yuused f' dis Wikapedya. Ai em nort as fluwant en t' Norfuk laenghwij as ai wuud liik t' bi, pliis ekskyuus mai yuus a' Inglish.


My main interest is the translation and correction of articles and their titles to a more appropriate spelling. The reference I have used for this is Speak Norfolk Today, by Alice Buffet, which seems to be the generally accepted spelling system on this Wikipedia. I am not as fluent in Norfolk as I would like to be, so please forgive my occasional use of English.

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