Entanashunal Fonetikl Alfabet

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Werd "IPA" a' t' EFA system

EFA (Entanashunal Fonetikl Alfabet; Inglish: IPA; French: API) esa alfabetik system o' fonetikl notayshun basiid a' t' Leten alfabet. Et wos devais'd b' t' Entanashunal Fonetikl Assoshiayshun i' t' end o' 19th cenchurii.[1] T' EFA es yuus'd b' styuudents, akters, singaas, linguists andem.[2][3]

Deir esa 163 o' em symbols a' EFA: 107 symbols-lettas, 52 symbols-diakritiks an 4 prosodiis (2005).

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